The Internet

I choose to read¬†A Domain of One’s Own in a Post-Ownership Society by Andreas Walters. In the article she spoke of wanting to own your domain and claiming what is yours through the internet. I found this a bit interesting considering I never thought that anything on the internet¬†belonged to me but was a communal source for all.

My understanding of ownership is that something belongs to me. That I have already acquired it or been gifted it. And I own it until I die, no additional payment required. If I own it and I die, it passes to my heirs.

I’m curious how this definition would apply to ownership of something theoretical¬†like the web and our ideas. I know we own our ideas but the web is something that isn’t tangible. Like for instance I like to think of my facebook page. While it holds all my ideas and photos I still do not own it? Personally, I find the web as more of a place that we all can prosper and share instead of having to “own” everything.

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