Show Your Work

I found┬áHypothesis to be extremely useful. I really hadn’t seen a plugin like that before and am excited to be able to use it for even other classes. At first it took some time to figure out exactly what to do but after watching a couple of tutorials online I got the hang of it. It was also cool to be able to see what other kids in the class were saying about it right there too! For the post itself I also really enjoyed. I think his ten points were short, sweet, and to the point. I found the first one to be easily relatable to.

Talk about the things you love

I think it’s important to find your own voice and express yourself or your ideas. If not you will slowly become another “sheep” into today’s society. So if you find something you love and are passionate about then you can find your voice and speak!

But I really thought number 8 about being able to take a punch was the most important.

The way to be able to take a punch is to practice getting hit a lot.

I find just this one line to be extremely powerful. If no one ever took chances and tried new things along with putting themselves out there I think society as a whole would be less developed and educated. Our parents always tell us to take risks and be ourselves and this line captures that perfectly.

All of his points were good but those especially stood out to me!

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