Week 1 Assignment Bank


I choose to do the camp poster assignment in the visual category and it was worth 4 stars! It asked for me to create a summer camp I wish I could have gone to when I was a child and I would have loved to gone away to camp in a national park but luckily I was able to travel with my parents and visit them that way! I used snapchat and another app to create this.

Image 9-8-16 at 2.20 PM

For my second assignment I choose to create a dream home/room on pinterest which is also 4 stars! I think pinterest can be related to this weeks discussion as many people people pin to tell a story about what they have created in their home or their latest trip abroad. So I have decided to share my tiny house board with everyone. I would love a tiny house in the future as a second home somewhere rustic and in the middle of nowhere. As for my tiny house I would like to have it built custom with a full size bath and an inclosed bedroom. Large windows would also be a must!